The First UK Philo Colloquium


Date: 21 July 2016
Time: 10-5
Location:  The University of Glasgow,
Theology and Religious Studies Building,
No. 4 The Square, G12 8QQ

The event is free to attend, though please email Sean Adams to register (

For more information, visit:


10:00 – Welcome and Introductions
10:20 – Joan Taylor (KCL) – ‘The Therapeutae, Gender and the Synagogue’
10:55 – Erlend MacGillivray (Aberdeen) – ‘Primitivism in Philo of Alexandria’s Thought and his Perception of Non-Jews’

11:30 – Coffee/tea

11:50 – Mina Monier (KCL) – Reception of Philo in Barnabas
12:25 – Ekaterina Matusova (Tübingen) – ‘Cognizing God in Philo: between Hellenistic Platonism and Parabiblical Texts’

1:00 – Lunch

2:00 – Sean Adams (Glasgow) – ‘Philo’s Literary Forms and Genre Adaptations
2:30 – Joshua Carroll (Aberdeen) – Philo’s education
3:00 – Elisa Uusimäki (Helsinki) – ‘Jacob’s Spiritual Exercises in the Context of Philo’s Pedagogical Programme’

3:30 – Coffee/tea

3:50 – James R. Royce (Claremont) – ‘Philo’s Biblical Quotations according to the Coptos Papyrus (Cohn-Wendland’s “Pap”) with Some Newly Discovered Readings’
4:20 – Hindy Najman (Oxford) – Trancendence, Immanence, and Revelation in Philo of Alexandria

4:50 – Future Planning

5:00 Close of event


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