Philo dinner…

It has become a recurring tradition that some evening during the SBL Annual Meeting, Philo scholars are invited to participate in an evening dinner session in some nearby restaurant. Thus, in this way following the traditions of Philo about the sociality in dining together, ‘old’ and ‘new’ Philo scholars can meet and socialize over a good meal. (Click on the pictures to enlarge them).

Here are some pictures from this year’s dinner session:

Ready for the symposium: The menue has arrived..

Discussing the menues……

Albert Geljon, Annewies van den Hoek and David T. Runia.


Ronald Cox, the symposiarchos, and David T. Runia. ūüôā

Some pictures from SBL Philo seminars

The AAR/SBL Annual Meeting in Atlanta is definitely over; hopefully all the 10.000 participants have arrived safely home. Those of us travelling halfway around the globe to get there may still suffer from some jetlag, but that’s temporary. Soon we will be back ‘on stage’ carrying out our day to day duties.Below are some glimpses from two of the four Philo seminars that were held this year (click on the pictures to enlarge them).
02-seminar S23-136

The seminar on Monday Nov 23 (9.00 to 1130PM) dealt with Historical and Intellectual traditions in Philo. The lecturers were (from left on picture), Ellen Birnbaum (presiding), then Miriam Ben Zeev, Joan Taylor, Courtney Friesen, Angela Standhartinger, and Michael Pope. Their papers are available here.






The last seminar, on Monday Nov 23, at 4.00 to 6.30 PM, was devoted to Philo’s work De Plantatione. The session was presided over by Thomas Tobin (here to the left on picture), and the lecturers were Albert Geljon, David Runia, James R. Royse, Sami Yli-Karjanmaa, ,and Maren Niehoff. The lastmentioned was obviously reading her paper when this picture was taken. These papers too are available here.


The paper of Maren  Niehoff (to the right here), was a response to the papers by Albert Geljon, both presenting issues from their work on a new commentary on De Plantatione.

Her conclusion was quite positive: “I am delighted to speak at this session on the work in progress on another volume of the Philo of Alexandria Commentary series. This series has already made an excellent start with running commentaries on several treatises of Philo from different series, namely the Exposition, the historical writings and the Allegorical Commentary. …. I am sure that the resulting translation and commentary will be of the highest academic quality. As a suggestion for the work in progress I recommend seriously taking into account the author-reader relationship in the context of the Jewish community in Alexandria. “

Some updates to RPBS

I have added some links to my Resource Pages for Biblical Studies; the following have been added:

  • Link to Historical and Theological Lexicon of the Septuagint
  • Link to the Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library
  • Link to David Lincicum’s blog.

Links to some more scholars writing on Philo:

  • Courtney Friesen
  • David Lincicum
  • Horacio Vela
  • Sami Yli-Karjanmaa
  • Justin Rogers
  • Angela Standhartinger
  • Pura Nieto Hernandez


Papers for SBL Annual Meeting; Philo Seminars

Update Nov. 16:

All the papers ¬†for the three Philo Seminars (S 22-237¬† Philo of Alexandria, S23 ‚Äď 136 Philo of Alexandria, S23-341¬†Philo of Alexandria) are now available on my Philo page; please go to to read and/or download the papers. Downloading seems not to work on an Ipad.

Please respect the copyright issues, as these are all works in progress and not to be quoted or cited without the authors’ permission.



S 22-237 Philo of Alexandria Seminar: Philo & the History of Interpretation

All the papers for the papers for the S 22-237  Philo of Alexandria Seminar: Philo & the History of Interpretation are now available online.

S 22-237  Philo of Alexandria

Sunday 11/22/2015 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Room:¬†Room TBD ‚Äď Hotel TBD

Theme: Philo & the History of Interpretation

Sarah Pearce, University of Southampton, Presiding

Nelida Naveros Cordova, CDP, Loyola University of Chicago
The Greek Philosophical Tradition in Philo’s Ethical Teaching: Eusebeia for the Service of God and Human Beings (25 min)
Click here for Abstract!                                            Click here for Manuscript.

Frank Shaw, Ashland University
An Onomastic History: What Can Philo Provide? (25 min)
Click here for Abstract!                                            Click here for Manuscript

Michael Francis, University of Notre Dame
Voluntary and Involuntary Sin and the Allegory of the Soul in Philo (25 min)
Click here for Abstract!                                            Click here for Manuscript.

Ludovica De Luca, Università degli studi Roma Tre
The bronze snake according to Philo of Alexandria in Legum allegoriae II, 79-81 (25 min)
Click here for Abstract!                                            Click here for Manuscript

Justin M. Rogers, Freed-Hardeman University
The Reception of Philonic Arithmological Exegesis in Didymus the Blind’s Commentary on Genesis (25 min)
Click here for Abstract!                                            Click here for Manuscript

Discussion (15 min)