RPBS renewal

As I have retired (!?) from my blogging, I will now try to update my Resource pages; they really need some thorough clean up and renewal. I also hoped for some real refreshments of the pages themselves, as they are pretty old and oldfashioned now. But to do that, I need some webmaster help for the re-newing of the html coding. But I’ll make a start by checking and refreshing all the links. Too many of them are dead or outdated.

A new Blog?

As announced on my Philo blog and 1 Peter blog, these blogs are now closed down. That means, I will not update them anymore in their present form. The Philo blog, at least, however, will still be accessible, as there is still some infor that may be interesting for people.

I am grateful for the comments and e-mails sent to be as a result of the closing down. It was fun while it lasted, but I think I will have to prioritize other options in the future. I  realize I might miss the Philo blog, so watch up; there might come some Philo info on this blog too.

I have always thought, and in some settings also argued for, my view that both ‘megasites’ like my Resource Pages, and blogs like my Philo blog should not be run by a an individual alone, but by a group of persons. I see now that there are a lot of personal ‘biblical blogs’ out there. Some of them are run by several persons, and I think more should adopt that procedure too. Otherwise the blogs will have to be rather small in interest, and if one wants it to be somewhat updated (who do not?), it  will soon be too time consuming.

Well, this is an old opinion of mine.

Time will tell how the blogosphere will look like in the coming years.