Interpreting Proverbs

One of my colleagues at The School of Mission and Theology, dr. Kari Storstein Haug, is having her dissertation published this year. Haug is a scholar traversing several scholarly fields, and is now a professor in missiology. Her dissertation, however, is on

Interpreting Proverbs 11:18-31, Psalm 73, and Ecclesiastes 9:1-12 in Light of, and as a Response to, Thai Buddhist Interpretations.A Contribution to Christian-Buddhist Dialogue (Studies in Systematic Theology 10; Brill, Leiden, 2012).

The book discusses how three Old Testament wisdom texts can be interpreted in light of, and as a response to Thai Buddhist interpretations. Its central aim is to explore a new method in Buddhist-Christian dialogue that has three steps. First, Buddhists are asked to reflect on biblical texts, second, the texts are analyzed by placing Christian and Buddhist perspectives side by side, and finally points of convergence and difference are established in order to provide a platform for further dialogue. A List of Contents can be seen here.

Philo on seeing God

Several new articles have been posted on Scott D. Mackie’s blog on Hebrews and Philo since my comments on his blog here (see below April 2).

The latest article posted is directly related to Philo, and was just published in Journal for the Study of Judaism:

Seeing God in Philo of Alexandria: Means, Methods, and Mysticism,” Journal for the Study of Judaism 43.2 (2012): 147–179.