NotaBene 11.5



The new Nota Bene 11.5 is the best version  ever produced, and it provides some very useful new features that will make your research and writing much easier.

For those of you who purchased Nota Bene 10 Plus or Nota Bene 11, this is a $60 upgrade. Those who are upgrading from versions 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 of Nota Bene have until June 24 to upgrade at reduced prices — NB have extended the date to give you one last chance! Log in to see the price that applies to you, or see what is new in this version on the Upgrade FAQ for a list of the current upgrade prices.


I am not affiliated with this company, but I have used NotaBene since 1985, and find it extremely helpful for my scholary writing.

Author: TorreyS


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