How Hebrews and Philo connected Scriptures

Ken Schenk has a brief posting over at his blog Common Denominator, probably summarizing his own paper from SBL Annual Meeting in Baltimore.

Alas, I was not able to attend his presentation as there are so many interesting seminars to attend that there are always some just as interesting to be skipped. I never manage to be in two places at the same time…..

SBL 2013

SBL Annual Meeting is soon over; busy, intense, innspiring, frustrating, encouraging, informative, and long days. sBL Annual meeting has everything.
Trying to recall how many times I had attended, I got to 15 times. Hm, didnt think it was that many.
Things have changed over these twenty or somewhat years;
-when I started, almost all men wore suits; now you see a great variety of outfits,
– back in the early nineties, there were not many PhD students presenting papers; now there are a lot,
– back then, we were ca 6000, now about 10000.
– back then, not that many non-americans, now many from all over the world ( though not all americans seem to remember that when they are lecturing…)
– back then, not many video projectors in the lecturing rooms, now many more, but still many more ought to use them, etc.

A strange thing about the concention Center in Baltimore was the lack of wireless access; only around the starbucks did we have wireless access. Somewhat irritating not having access in the lecture rooms.

On the other hand, it is still nice to meet people, listening to lectures, and perusing the book booths….
At the same time, i have probably never bought as few books as this year (only eight….); The digital versions are taking over, and my bookshelves back home are already filled up.

Then, tomorrow we are heading home, after 10 days in the US; good old Norway, here we come…..

The Philo Loeb edition on Logos?

The Logos Bible Software already contains a Greek text of Philo and the old translation by Yonge, but now they are planning to incorporate the Loeb edition, that is, both its English translation and Greek text too.
Great News!
You can check out this offer here:
For the moment they are presenting it as a community pricing. What that is, you can read about here.