Pseudonymously on the Web

There have been a lot of blogging on the Golb case recently, and for good reasons. This is a very special case, and I think it should be repudiated. Most recently, Mark Goodacre has a very good posting on it: The Ethics and the Practicalities of Blogging in the wake of the Raphael Golb affair.
But I am a little surprised that so many (all?) do not add some comments on the pseudonymous blog of a person calling himself NT Wrong. I never liked that case either, and I think that some of the persons most supportive, even interviewing this socalled NT Wrong, should have some second thoughts about that case.
I realize that it is not the same to post comments on others blogs pseudonymously, but is it not just a matter of degree when you start a blog yourselves, hiding you real self behind a pseudonym?

More on Iphone

The Olive tree came up with an interesting update on their Bible  program for Iphone yesterday: now it is possible to split the screen and have two versions available. This is a feature I had on my Palm, but so far, it has not been available on Iphone.  In fact it is so new that their webpages do not reflect it yet. They speak about version 4.5, but this is version 4.6.

Have a look at it yourself. In my opinion, Olive tree has the best Bible program for Iphone; they even have a Norwegian translation of the Bible available, but, alas, not the most common and official version from the Norwegian Bible society, but a ‘private’ version. This is probably due to copyright issues. I hope the Norwegian Bible Society will get up, and be more involved in promoting their translation for digital applications.

NaturallySpeaking has arrived.

Today my version of NaturallySpeaking arrived in my mailbox. I choose to buy the preferred edition. I have now spent a small hour trying to learn to program, it installed very nicely, and I have tried some of the tutorial exercises. I find it very easy to use. I must admit, that I have used an earlier version, but that was several years ago. And I do find this version much better. I am in fact, using  the program, and  using the enclosed microphone by writing this. I have  made very small mistakes in his (= this) first paragraph, and that is even with my non-native English.

Hopefully, when I have become more acquainted with the program it will serve me even better. If any of you have any experiences with this software, it would be very interesting to read you comments, in the comments field below.

Well, when I licked (=looked) over this text I found some problematic words. But  the program is very easy to use also when you want to correct something. Have a nice day!

Update April 14

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a new computer. It turned out that it not only had Vista installed, but it also had Vista 64 bits installed. Very soon it turned out that the Dragon NaturallySpeaking program I had bought could not be used on my computer.

But then I discovered that I could download an upgraded version and that it was capability of running on a 64 bits computer. I had to download 1.3 gigabits and it took me about one hour to download the program. After some time, I had it installed and now it works fine on my new computer. I am sorry to tell, that I have not had enough time to exercise and to rehearse using NaturallySpeaking, but I am making progress, and I hope it will be better to understand my speech every time I try to use it.

Sometimes it has some problems with theological words, but I presume it has most to do with my pronunciation, not the words by themselves, but that’s the whole deal: it has to understand my pronunciation, and I had to do a lot of training to make it more capable of understanding me and writing what I am saying.