Philo in Logos

This post may not be about what you think it is about; it is not about Philo on Logos, that is, on how Philo describes and theologizes on Logos. But is is about some publications concerning Philo that is now included within the publishing program of, the company that provides the massive computer program Logos Bible Software 4.

For some time now, the Greek text of Philo, and the old translation of Yonge has been included in the Logos program. You can see an older review by me by going here.

But now is launching some studies on Philo that is to be welcomed by all students of Philo:

The Brill Philo Studies Collection. This comprises two volumes by David T. Runia on Philo; that is his commentary on Philo’s De Opificio, from 2001: Philo of Alexandria, On the Creation of the Cosmos according to Moses: Introduction, Translation and Commentary, and his collection of articles, Philo and the Church Fathers: A Collection of Papers, first published in 1995.

These are wonderful additions to the text editions already included in Logos Bible Software. However, one might wonder why they prefer to publish Runia’s collection of articles on the church fathers, and not his impressive volume on ‘Philo in Early Christian Literature (1993).’ It probably has to do with the fact that this volume was not published by Brill, but by another publisher. I would like very much to see this volume too published digitally.

However, these two volumes on Logos are set on their pre-pub list. Hence, if have the Logos program and you would like to have these two volumes included, you better go and enter your subscription on that pre-pub subscription list.

Author: TorreyS


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