American scholar gets her PhD in Norway! 

Beth Elness-Hanson has written her PhD thesis on how American and Maasai Biblical scholars interpret the generational curses in the Pentateuch. She will defended her dissertation on May 3, 2016.

On Monday, May 2, Elness-Hanson gave the trial lecture on the following topic, given by the committee: Gender and Intercultural Criticism: The Book of Ruth and African Women.

On Tuesday, May 3, Elness-Hanson will publically defend her thesis: Generational Curses in the Pentateuch: An American and Maasai Intercultural Analysis.

The appointed opponents were:

First opponent: Professor Fernando Segovia (Vanderbilt University)

Second opponent: Professor Madipoane Masenya (University of South Africa)

The evaluation committee was led by Professor Marta Høyland Lavik, VID / Stavanger University Hospital.

The dissertation is available via a link at the bottom of this page

Author: TorreyS


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