St. Paul/Luther Seminary

Have made it to Minneapolis/StPaul, and have ‘installed’ myself  in the house I am to reside in during my stay here; Norway House. The 3 Norwegian theological ‘schools’ have an excellent deal  with LS so pastors and theological scholars of The Church of Norway can stay here for free, that is paying nothing for the lodging, may  prepare the food for themselves, or buy non-expensive meals in the kafeteria of the seminary.

I have already bought my first books in the Augsburg/Fortress bookstore here. Found an interesting one about some Norwegian immigrants who settled down on the praire of North Dakota, and one about Paul, feminism and postcolonialism. The former is interesting for one like me who is trying to write about his own family saga, comprising people who also immigrated to the US for some time, but who later returned to Norway, the latter is about interpreting the New Testament, i.e., Paul, and thus per definition possibly interesting!

But the jetlag is heavy on me……

Author: TorreyS


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