Identity and Dialogue in 1 Peter

Most of my publications are in English, though my mother tongue is Norwegian. I have to take into consideration, however, that there are not that many Philo scholars or students of the New Testament that can read and understand the beautiful language of Norway. And I can do nothing about it! ..

My last publiation, however, is in Norwegian, as it is part of a festschrift honoring two of my colleagues at my former institution, Volda College; Jan Ove Ulstein and Per Magne Aadnanes. I am glad to be able to present a small study in this volume, together with 15 other contributors:

Torrey Seland,  ‘Identitet og dialog i 1 Peters brev,’ Birger Løvlie, Ralph Meier, & Arne Redse (eds), Danning, Identitet og Dialog. Festskrift til Jan Ove Ulstein og Per Magne Aadnanes(Trondheim, Tapir akademisk forlag, 2009), pp. 173-181.

The main thesis in this study of mine is that the author describes the identity of his readers as closely associated with their role in their social world as a minority group; they are not to withdraw from the society at large, but to be in dialogue with it on various levels and in various ways.  As such I try to relate it to a Norwegian debate about the role of religion in public schools and the role of Christians at the world at large.

Author: TorreyS


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