David Hellholm is retiring

Yesterday, Wednesday 19, the Norwegian New Testament society (Norsk Nytestamentlig FagForum) had its autumn meeting at the Faculty of Theology, University of Oslo.

Immediately following, the Faculty of Theology arranged the ‘retirement lecture’ of Prof. teol.dr. David Hellholm. Friends and collegues from all over Norway had gathered to attend and thus celebrate prof. Hellholm.

David Hellholm has been professor in the New Testament at this Faculty for the last 18 years, and before that he worked for some time at the University in Bergen. Prof. Hellholm will be well known for his works on Apocalypticism, but also on Paul the apostle, and now in more recent years on the historical and theological questions related to the Christian baptism. The latter is a project that will still go on for a couple of years, involving several other scholars too. A bibliography of his published works can be found here.

As a topic for his retirement lecture, prof Hellholm had chosenĀ  “Paulus och den urkristna doptraditionen” (Paul and the early Christian traditions of baptism). It was a discussion of some central texts in the letters of Paul, especially Gal 3,27-28; 1 Cor 12,13 and 6,11, just as thorough as all of us who has the privilege of knowing prof. Hellholm could have expected. An expert at work!

In an additional session, also in honour of prof Hellhol, three younger scholars presented aspects from their own research. The way they did it, and the topics the presented, turned out to be really interesting.

  • Vemund Blomquist provided insight into his reseach on Euthalius, and his work on a series of “Argumenta” or short summaries which are placed as introductions or summaries to the different books of the New Testament.
  • Kirsten Marie Hartvigsen presentedĀ  aspects from her work on “”Prepare the Way of the Lord”. Towards a Cognitive Poetic Analysis of Audience Involvement with Characters and Events in hte Markan World.”
  • Marianne Bjelland Kartzow presented ideas from a most recently inaugurated project on “Jesus in cultural complexity,” a project that involves several scholars.

After these events, there was a Reception for prof Hellholm, in which several of his colleagues and friends presented words of praise in honour of him; all well deserved.