Philo texts in Bible Software

The last decades have seen an almost revolutionary development in the production and use of personal computers. Modern PCs, LapTops, reading devices like Ipad®, Android tablets and even smartphones have been developed to prove themselves  to be really great auxiliary means for serious students; the modern strong processors, internet access and the huge storage possibilities have made them excellent means for handling great amount of texts, as e.g., the texts of Philo.

Here is a list of where to find Philo in modern Bible Software programs:

Accordance© (, is a program for MacIntosch©* machines. Accordance 10 for Windows was available in 2013. They also have applets for Ipad©* and Iphone©*. Philo’s Greek texts and Yonge’s translation can be bought as an add on, or as included in a larger package. See here.

BibleWorks© ( is for Windows PC’s; Mac users require additional virtualization software. It claims to be “a tightly integrated collection of Bible software tools designed specifically for scholarly analysis of the Bible text.” Philo’s Greek texts and Yonge’s translation are included in the base package from Version 8 on.

Olive Tree, the Bible Study app, is available for a variety of platforms. It has Yonge’s translation of Philo’s works available as a free option, but the Greek texts of Philo are (not yet) included among their resources.

Logos Bible Software© (, was made for Windows PC’s, but they now also have a Mac version. Those who buy a package, will also have the works included available on Ipad©* and Iphone©*, and via a webversion. In addition, in 2011 Logos also started Vyrso©*, a reader accessory for Ipad, Ipod touch and Iphone for Logos Bible Software desktop application users. Logos is probably the program having the widest range of literature available in their packages.

Philo’s Greek texts and Yonge’s translation are included in some packages, and can also be bought separately. In addition Logos has accessible several other works dealing with Philo: see here.

SBL/AAR Annual Meeting App

The SBL/AAR Annual Meeting App for iphone/Ipads is now available on Apple’s AppStore (for free).

It has not been announced on the SBL or AAR website yet, and I am not sure if it is quite finished yet. Mine froze at least once when being tested, and I could not find out how to associate events with the calendar.

As long as that doesn’t work, the app is rather useless, IMHO.





Thanks to a message from James McGrath on FaceBook, I became aware of the fact that AAR/SBL have now issued their new Annual Meeting 2012 app for Iphone/Ipad. This is the second time we have such an App, and the former, issued last year, was very helpful when trying to make a schedule of what/where/when  to attend a particular session.

Description (taken from their webpage)
EventPilot® conference app is your full featured guide to manage your conference attendance. App features include:
• Native app: No wifi connection required to access the conference program, schedule or animated maps.
• Now: Stay informed about hot issues, event program changes, your upcoming sessions and organizer messages.
• Program: Browse the entire event program to build your personal schedule, bookmark sessions or speakers, or access session handouts as available.
• Take notes and email them as part of your trip report for reference.
• Exhibitors, Maps, related conference info and much more.


The Olive Tree Bible Software company has launched a new version of the BibleReader program; now we have available version 5.0

The program works on several kinds of smartphones; my experiences are related to Iphone and Ipad. And I like the program very much.

Here is some of what is prominent in this version:

  • Verse Chooser – navigate quickly to any verse in the Bible
  • Offline Access – Bibles are stored on your phone, not dependent on a network connection
  • Advanced Search – look up every occurrence of a word in every book of the Bible
    Versified Commentaries – switch to the commentary of your choice linked directly to any verse you are studying
  • Split-Screen Reading* – view Bible and reference works simultaneously as you study
  • Hyperlinked Notes – cross-references or Strong’s numbers available with one touch
  • Personal Notes* – can be accessed by verse in any Bible version across your library

* Not all the features might be available in all phones.

BibleReader’s split-screen reading makes commentary or other Bible reference works instantly available as you read – the two screens are linked so your commentary is always open to the right verse. Or you can use split screens to read two different Bible translations side-by-side.
Many Bibles have additional information like textual notes, cross-references, or Strong’s numbers. BibleReader includes hyperlinked notes that are available with one touch.

Bu they don’t have Philo in Greek available yet,- as far as I know. I hope he also will be added.

Smart Amazon applet for Iphone has launched an applet for Iphone (and Ipod) that I find very smart and useful. In addition to the regular features you also find on Amazon’s webpage, this applet also utilizes the camera on Iphone.
If you see a book in a store or at an exhibition, or somewhere else, and you want to remember that book, perhaps buy it later, then take a picture of it: The applet sends the picture immediately to, and if the picture has a satisfying quality, Amazon finds the book, and returns all the relevant information about it to you, including the possibility to buy it online.

Very smart. Even if you go to the webside, you will see the books you took pictures of listed at the top of your page.
In this way, you don’t have to write down authors and titles anymore; just take a picture of it with your Iphone!


Over at the Biblical Studies and Technology Tools Blog  I became aware of that the good old company of Silver Mountain Software has launced a new web instrument, called Bibloi.NET.  It is a Web based Bible program, and they promise that it provides easy, fast, and complete access to the Analytical Greek New Testament and the Analytical Lexicon with a unique Interlinear display and fast and efficient searches. It is said to work on  iPhone, mobile phone or desktop web browser.

It is not, however, accessible for free on the Internet. You have to pay a fee of  $49.00 which  includes a one time setup fee and a one year subscription to the site.  According to the Biblical Studies and Technology Tools Blogpost, the Analytical Greek New Testament (AGNT) and Fribergs’ Analytical Lexicon are not available anywhere else online.

And while we mention Silver Mountain Software company, they still seel the much praised program of Workplace Pack, now in version 10; the program to search the TLG CD’s. New features include regular expression searches and a host of productivity improvements.

New Logos 4

Just to follow up my former posting below on Logos now becoming available on Iphone, Logos has now also launched a new version of their Bible Study Program. The Iphone version is supposed to be able to be syncronized with this new Logos 4 version, not the older Libronix version. In fact, Logos 4 seems to be like a new program as it does not update the present Libronix version, but runs on your computer alongside this; hence as a new program.
On the other side, those having Libronix are getting discount prices.

Further information are to be found on their special page; Logos 4.

See also the review by Ruben Gomez here.

Logos on Iphone!

Thanks to a message from Ruben Gomez on FaceBook, I became aware of the fact that Logos has made an Logos application for Iphone.

Great news as I have used Iphone in a year now, and Logos Bible Software for years, and love them both! More information is available on the Logos Forums.

The app. can be downloaded for free from Itunes.

It has an ability to log in, in order “to sync your app with your desktop”, but the fulll meaning of that seems to be something belonging to the future.
What is possible now is to access some of the free books from Logos, and among these are books as Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartiensa, Tischendorf’s Greek New Testament, Westcott-Hort’s Greek NT, Elzevirs Textus Receptus, Ramsay’s Paul the Traveller, and several more.
I presume the application will be extensively developed in the coming months.

Philo and Josephus on Iphone

The Olive tree company is expanding their range of texts made available for Iphone; now you also can have the English translations of Josephus (Whiston) and Philo (Yonge) right there on your Iphone.
But we are still waiting for the Greek versions of the same texts to be available.
As they already have the split-screen possibility integrated in their Bible-reader, it is time to get more Greek texts on the screen too.
As these texts are available for Palm, it is time get them on Iphone too. For – who is using Palm anymore?

More on Iphone

The Olive tree came up with an interesting update on their Bible  program for Iphone yesterday: now it is possible to split the screen and have two versions available. This is a feature I had on my Palm, but so far, it has not been available on Iphone.  In fact it is so new that their webpages do not reflect it yet. They speak about version 4.5, but this is version 4.6.

Have a look at it yourself. In my opinion, Olive tree has the best Bible program for Iphone; they even have a Norwegian translation of the Bible available, but, alas, not the most common and official version from the Norwegian Bible society, but a ‘private’ version. This is probably due to copyright issues. I hope the Norwegian Bible Society will get up, and be more involved in promoting their translation for digital applications.