Impressive new Dragon Professional

During the years, in several blog postings, (for the last one, see here), I have mentioned my experiences with a program called Dragon NaturallySpeaking which claims to be able to transfer my speech into text. Now it’s company, Nuance, has produced a new version, named Dragon Professional ¬†Individual, ¬†version 15. This is an impressive new … Continue reading “Impressive new Dragon Professional”

Nuance NaturallySpeaking

Speaking about computer programs, I will like to mention another program that just came in my doors, that is Dragon¬†Naturally Speaking, version 13 Premium, from I have used the program occasionally over the last years, but has never become quite familiar with it. I think that is somewhat due to the program itself, but … Continue reading “Nuance NaturallySpeaking”

NaturallySpeaking has arrived.

Today my version of NaturallySpeaking arrived in my mailbox. I choose to buy the preferred edition. I have now spent a small hour trying to learn to program, it installed very nicely, and I have tried some of the tutorial exercises. I find it very easy to use. I must admit, that I have used … Continue reading “NaturallySpeaking has arrived.”

Naturally Speaking Software

I am considering buying Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 (preferred edition), probably the most praised speech recognizing software. I used an earlier version several years ago, but had some conflicts with my hardware. Now I have a rather new laptop and is getting a new strong desktop, I thought it might be time for giving this … Continue reading “Naturally Speaking Software”