Philo and Greek Myth

Brill is publishing a new book on Philo of Alexandria, this late fall,  edited by Francesca Alesse: Philo of Alexandria and Greek Myth:Narratives, Allegories, and Arguments Series: Studies of Philo of Alexandria Vol 10 Brill (to be published October 2019). E-Book List price EUR €116.00 USD$140.00 “In Philo of Alexandria and Greek Myth: Narratives, Allegories, and Arguments, a fresh and … Continue reading “Philo and Greek Myth”

New book on Philo

Erkki Koskenniemi Greek Writers and Philosophers in Philo and Josephus. A Study of Their Secular Education and Educational Ideals (Studies in Philo of Alexandria, Volume 9) Leiden; Brill, 2019. The Finnish scholar Erkki Koskenniemi is having a new book on Philo (and Josephus) published this year. The contents are given thus: Preface 1 Introduction  1  The Task of the … Continue reading “New book on Philo”

Greek Writers and Philosophers

A new book is about to be published, written by Erkki Koskenniemi: Greek Writers and Philosophers in Philo and Josephus A Study of Their Secular Education and Educational Ideals Series: Studies in Philo of Alexandria, Volume: 9 Leiden; Brill, 2018. The advertisement has just ‘popped up’ on the Brill site, and it runs thus: “In … Continue reading “Greek Writers and Philosophers”

Philo and the Ancient Theater

Philo of Alexandria has several comments on the ancient theater of his time, and a few studies have been published dealing with his views and attitudes (see e.g., Koskenniemi; now an issue of the Journal ‘Journal of Ancient Judaism‘ is devoted to the theme Jews and Drama, and included here are also a couple of articles … Continue reading “Philo and the Ancient Theater”

A Handbook to Philo

I have been working as an editor (and writer of 3 chapters) on a volume to be published as “Why Read Philo? And How? A Handbook to Philo of Alexandria.”  The manuscript was submitted ca a year ago, and now I finally saw it listed in the publisher’s web catalogue: you can see it here:  … Continue reading “A Handbook to Philo”

Philo studies in Finland

The finnish scholar Erkki Koskenniemi is an interesting scholar I have been more aware of recently, not at least because he has published several works on Philo of Alexandria in the most recent years. Erkki Koskenniemi (b. 1956) started his studies with Classical studies at University of Turku (mag. phil 1979, liz. phil. 1985). He … Continue reading “Philo studies in Finland”

Moses’ education

One of the most recent articles on Philo have read recently is the following by the Finnish scholar Erikki Koskenniemi (Helsinki-Finland); ‘Moses – A Well-Educated Man: A Look at the Educational Idea in Early Judaism,’ in Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha 17.4 (2008):281-296. The purpose of this study is thus to analyze the … Continue reading “Moses’ education”