Update of posting April 5:

Denys N. McDonald, “Ex-Pagan Pagans? Paul, Philo, and Gentile Ethnic Reconfiguration.” Journal for the Study of the New Testament March 2022, 1-28.

Correct page numbering is: vol 45.1, pp. 23-50.

The main reason for this ‘updating’ is the fact that some Journals are now announcing their articles first on the relevant journal’s webpage. There and then it is, usually, possible to buy and download the articles concerned. The problem with this practice, is, however, that the correct page numbers for an article are not given. In this case, the online version was posted on March 16, the printed version was published on Sept 1.

Some have questioned this practice, and some -at least one!- have questioned if I should maybe wait for the info about the paper version to be published to get the correct page numbering.

On the other hand, when an article is posted on publishers webpage, it is also possible to buy the article and download it; see as an example of this practice Brill’s Novum Testamentum.

My immediate procedure will be (IMHO): when I discover an article presented and published on a publishers webpage, I will try to make a note of it on this blog, even if the correct page numbering of the printed version to come is not given. I admit however, that I do not quite understand why the publishers have such a practice of a two-step publishing.

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