Norwegian Bible Society 200 anniv.

The Norwegian Bible Society
is celebrating their 200th Anniversary this spring.

In the early years of the nineteenth century several Bible societies were established in order to promote the printing and propagation of the Bible. Important for the establishment of the Norwegian Bible society was the British society, established in 1804, and the growing national awareness in Norway after 1814, when the Norwegian constitution (grunnlov) were written. At the time when the Norwegian Society was established, the Bible was not to be found in every home. Some later calculations have suggested that only every fourth home had access to a Bible, but it probably  varied from county to county in Norway.

The Bible translation available was in Danish; hence there was a great need in Norway for a Norwegian translation. But it took some time before it was realized.It was first in the twentieth century that the whole Bible was translated into Norwegian, in 1892 (partly  revised/partly translated), 1930, 1978 (revised 1985), and the last one in 2011.

Author: TorreyS


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