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I don’t know if you know, but if you are scholar, I encourage you to be a member. It is a wonderful arena in which we can share our academic work for mutual benefit. If you ‘follow’ colleagues on this site, you will be notified when they post something on the site.

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As just an example of the procedure mentioned above, I was noticed that Sofia Torallas (Associate Professor at the Dpt. of Classics and NELC at the University of Chicago) had just uploaded her study on Philo:

«El orfebre del insulto. Filón y el griego de Alejandría», in Samir Khalil Samir – Juan Pedro Monferrer-Sala (eds.), Graeco-Latina et Orientalia. Studia in honorem Angeli Urbani heptagenarii, Córdoba-Beirut, 2013: 384-399.

According to some site info, “35,179,170 academics have signed up to, adding 11,182,942 papers and 1,843,083 research interests. attracts over 36 million unique visitors a month.”

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