The Studia Philonica Annual 2015

The latest issue of The Studia Philonica Annual finally reached my desk last week:

The Studia Philonica Annual XXVII . 2015/
Studies in Hellenistic Judaism
Edited by David T. Runia and Gregory E. Sterling
(Atlanta, SBL Press, 2015).271pp.

As usual, the Annual has a section of Articles, a Special section, and a Bibliography section, and a Book review section.
In the Articles section we find the following studies:
Sarah Pearce, Intermarriage and the Ancestors of the Jews: Philonic Perspectives (pp. 1-26);
Michael Francis, Wasted Seed and Sins of intent: Sexual Ethics in De Specialibus Legibus 3.34-36 in the Case of Infertile Marriage (pp. 27-52);
Arco den Heijer, Cosmic Mothers in Philo of Alexandria and in Neopythagoreanism (pp. 53-70);
Gregory E. Sterling, The Theft of Philosophy: Philo of Alexandria and Numenius of Apamea (pp. 71-86);
Orrey McFarland, Philo’s Prepositional Metaphysics within Early Christian Debates about the Relation of Dicine Nature and Agency (pp. 87-110);
Benjamin Pollock, Philosophy’s Inquisitor: Franz Rosenzweig’s Philo between Judaism, Paganism and Christianity (pp. 111-127).

The Special Section provides some papers presented at the Philo sessions at the SBL Annual Meeting in San Diego in 2014:
Sarah Pearce, Introduction (pp. 129-132);
James R. Royse, The Text of Philo’s De Decalogo in Vaticanus GR. 316 (pp. 133-142);
Abraham Terian, The Armenian Textual Tradition of Philo’s De Decalogo (pp. 143-154);
Manuel Alexandre Jr., Rhetorical Texture and Pattern in Philo’s De Decalogo (pp. 155-180)

Then follows the Bibliography Section, which focuses on studies published in 2012, followed by a Review Section, containing seven book reviews. Finally then, some News and Notes, Notes on Contributors, and Instructors to Contributors.

It is a great asset to have such an Annual, completely devoted to Philo, his works and his world, and it is a pleasure to have and read, and to contribute. It is an Annual you will return to over and over again if you like studying Philo of Alexandria.

Author: TorreyS


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