A New book from Karl Olav Sandnes

sandnesThe Norwegian scholar, Karl Olav Sandnes, professor in New Testament Studies at the Norwegian School of Theology, Oslo, Norway, has another new book coming out these days.

Prof. Sandnes has by now a distinguished list of publications, and in the last ones in particular, he offers new perspectives and manages to draw on a great variety of sources,  thus coming up with several interesting topics and views. For his Bibliography, see here.

The last (so far..) volume, now announced by Brill, has the following exciting title:

Sandnes, Karl Olav. 2016. Early Christian Discourses on Jesus’ Prayer at Gethsemane. Courageous, Committed, Cowardly? Novum Testamentum, Supplements 166. Leiden: Brill.

The publisher presents the book thus:
“From early on, Christians passed down the account of Jesus’s agony at the prospect of his own death and his prayer that the cup should pass from him (Gethsemane). Yet, this is a troublesome aspect of Christian tradition. Jesus was committed to his death, but as it approached, he prayed for his escape, even as he submitted himself to God’s will. Ancient critics mocked Jesus and his followers for the events at Gethsemane. The ‘hero’ failed to meet the cultural standards for noble death and masculinity. As such, this story calls for further reflection and interpretation. The present book unfolds discourses from the earliest centuries of Christianity to determine what strategies were developed to come to terms with Gethsemane.”