Some new Philo books

book boothsStrolling   along the book booths in the great book sales exhibition at the AAR/SBL Annual Meeting in Atlanta i November, I found some recently published Philo books that I hope to be able to have the oppurtunity of getting more acquainted with in 2016.

I list here the following volumes I found interesting:

Of course there is the Studia Philonica Annual: Studies in Hellenistic Judaism, Volume XXVII (2015)edited as usual by David T. Runia and Gregory E. Sterling, 2015. 282pp, $51.95. I hope to present this further when I get my copy.

Then there was a dissertation, written by a Finnish scholar on a somewhat surprising topic: Sami Yli-Karjanmaa, Reincarnation in Philo of Alexandria (Studia Philonica Monographs 2. Atlanta;SBL Press) 309pp; $42,95. It was in my bag when I left the US, and is now on my shelf, ready to be read.

Third, I saw a new volume on God in Philo’s works: Jang Ryu, Knowledge of God in Philo of Alexandria (Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 405; Mohr Siebeck, Tubingen, 2015). This volume, alas, is still not on my shelves.

Finally, I spotted another volume, that probably has a chapter on Philo, and in any case should be interesting to Philo scholars: Esther Blachman, The Transformation of Tamar (Genesis 38) in the History of Jewish Interpretation (Contributions to Biblical Exegesis & Theology 71. Peeters, 2015).. Still not on my shelf..

I might have missed some, but I doubt it… 🙂
– or did I miss some….?

Author: TorreyS


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