More reviews of Reading Philo

ReadingPhiloKen Schenk has now finished his review of Reading Philo, commenting on each and every one of the book’s chapters. He is very positive in his judgments, and concludes by saying  that

I have to consider the book a great success as an introduction to Philo. If you are an undergrad religion major of some kind and are looking to do graduate studies that will intersect with Philo, this is your book. I think this will become the standard text in graduate seminars to come.

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Philo seminar papers at SBL Annual Meeting

The webpage to contain the papers to be presented at three Philo seminars at the SBL Annual Meeting in Atlanta in November is now prepared to receive the manuscripts.

You will find links to the presenters’ webpages (not all of them seem to have a webpage though..), and you will find links to abstracts of the papers ( linking to the SBL abstracts pages).

It will probably take some time before the manuscripts  will appear; some hand it in just a few days before the konferanse.

Be sure to make a bookmark to this page: for easy access to the papers.