Philo at the SNTS General Meeting 2015

At the 70th General Meeting of the Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas (SNTS), at VU University Amsterdam this summer (July 28-31), there will also be a Seminar devoted to Philo of Alexandria. While the General Meeting is only for members and spouses and invited guests, I list the topics here as information for those interested:

Seminar 9 [room 0G-23] Early Jewish Theologies and the New Testament (Profs. J. Herzer and G. Oegema). Terminates in 2019.

  • Wed: Otto Kaiser (Marburg; guest), “Philos Hochschätzung der Freundschaft – Im Kontext der hellenistisch-römischen Philosophie beurteilt.
  • Thu: Greg Sterling (Yale), “’A Law to Themselves’: Universalism in Philo and Paul.”
  • Fri: Thomas Tobin (Loyola Chicago), “Reconfiguring Apocalyptic Imagery: The Examples of Philo of Alexandria and Paul.

VU University, also known as Vrije Universiteit (Free University), was founded in 1880 as a Protestant university of the Reformed tradition by Abraham Kuyper, a famous Dutch statesman and theologian. It was called Free University because it was to be free of government control and was to have no formal ties to any particular denomination. Nowadays the university is fully funded by the government though it is still has no formal ties to a particular denomination. More info about the General Meeting can be found here.