New URL for TLG

The cryptic reference in the headline above refers to the fact that the site for Textus Lingua Graaecae (TLG) has received a new address, a new URL; now you can find the TLG at

Those who have worked with the ancient Greec literature, Philo included, will – hopefully – know the TLG. It is a tremendous source for searching and reading the ancient Greek literature between ca. 600 BCE and 600 CE.

The TLG Director says about the new site:

We are delighted to announce the release of the new TLG web site. Equipped with an expanded search engine and a host of new features, the new TLG represents a marked change from the earlier version.

Canon and text searches have been redesigned and expanded and new tools have been added. Included in this release are n-grams and statistical analysis, two research projects that we will continue to develop for years to come.

The new site will run concurrently with the previous version to allow users time to explore the new features.

Have a look at the site yourself; at the page you can read about the history of the TLG and a lot of other interesting info; and you can also go to the search function.


Author: TorreyS


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