Facebook and NT studies

As a follow up on my former posting on Facebook and Religious Studies, I would like to point to some interesting pages related to the study of the Bible, or rather, to the study of the New Testament. As in the former case, if you don’t know these pages, you must log in to FB and then search for them via the search engine on the top of the FB page.

European Association of Biblical Studies

EABS is open to all scholars and students of the Bible. It organizes research groups, supports a graduate network and holds an annual conference, usually in early August, at different locations in Europe.
A particular aim of the association is to encourage the flow of scholarship between European countries and especially to make it easier for scholars and students in Central and Eastern Europe to participate with their colleagues in Western Europe and beyond in the exchange of knowledge and ideas.
Members will receive a regular newsletter and are invited to share information about conferences, academic positions and general news about biblical scholarship.

Closed group.   751 members. Invited by e-mail.

Society for New Testament Study

This in a informal page for everyone being interested in New Testament studies. For information and inspiration. Please only post academic litterature and issues.

990 members

Society of Biblical Literature

The Society of Biblical Literature is the oldest and largest international scholarly membership organization in the field of biblical studies. Founded in 1880, the Society has grown to over 8,500 international members including teachers, students, religious leaders and individuals from all walks of life who share a mutual interest in the critical investigation of the Bible.

The Society’s mission to foster biblical scholarship is a simple, comprehensive statement that encompasses the Society’s aspirations. Our vision is to offer members opportunities for mutual support, intellectual growth, and professional development.

New Testament Scholarship Worldwide

The name of our group is New Testament Scholarship Worldwide. We are an academic discussion group. We do NOT give out scholarships or financial aid for study. Posts should pertain to the academic study of the New Testament. Any posts that are irrelevant to the study of the New Testament or are not academic in nature will not be approved. Anyone attempting to post irrelevant material will be removed from the group immediately. For more information, read our statement of purpose, description, and guidelines under “About”.

6209 members.   Closed group.

New Testament Textual Criticism

This is not a group for general questions about the New Testament. It is a group for students ofthe specialized field of New Testament Textual Criticism. We are pleased to have a number of high profile text critics eager to comment on tc issues who participate on this page. Out of courtesy to each other, we generally do not allow comments unrelated to tc, although in some cases tc overlaps with other disciplines. For other areas of biblical studies, participants are encouraged to post on other Facebook pages.

345 members.

Society of Biblical Literature Christian Apocrypha Section

Se also http://www.apocryphicity.ca/

171 members.            Public group.

Biblical Archaeology

A forum for modern scholarly approaches to studying the world of the Bible and the Biblical text itself. These include archaeology, Semitic philology, literary and form criticism, etc. Despite the religious significance of the Bible, modern Bible scholarship has little to do with traditional religious interpretation. Rather, it seeks to discover the Bible’s ancient cultural context and its original meaning as intended by its authors. In order to do so, it must explore the world surrounding ancient Israel, from Mesopotamia to the Aegean, from Egypt to Anatolia, and even farther afield. Please contribute any knowledge or ideas you have regarding this topic, or feel free to pose a question. In the words of the Deuteronomist: hazak ve’ematz!

3269 members.    Public Group.

The British New Testament Society

The British New Testament Society seeks to promote research of the New Testament and related writings. This FB is associated with the BNTS.

717 members.     Public group.

New Testament Greek Club

Know Greek? Learning Greek? Want to learn? This is the place to share and find resources (or Maybe you’re a resource yourself) on NT Koine Greek.

Membership: As of 9/1/2014 if you would like to be added to the group please message me with a very short explanation of why you want to join.
Thank you, Tyler Archibald

834 members.      Public group.

Well, thats my preferences; any others who want to supply the list?