Philo texts in Bible Software

The last decades have seen an almost revolutionary development in the production and use of personal computers. Modern PCs, LapTops, reading devices like Ipad®, Android tablets and even smartphones have been developed to prove themselves  to be really great auxiliary means for serious students; the modern strong processors, internet access and the huge storage possibilities have made them excellent means for handling great amount of texts, as e.g., the texts of Philo.

Here is a list of where to find Philo in modern Bible Software programs:

Accordance© (, is a program for MacIntosch©* machines. Accordance 10 for Windows was available in 2013. They also have applets for Ipad©* and Iphone©*. Philo’s Greek texts and Yonge’s translation can be bought as an add on, or as included in a larger package. See here.

BibleWorks© ( is for Windows PC’s; Mac users require additional virtualization software. It claims to be “a tightly integrated collection of Bible software tools designed specifically for scholarly analysis of the Bible text.” Philo’s Greek texts and Yonge’s translation are included in the base package from Version 8 on.

Olive Tree, the Bible Study app, is available for a variety of platforms. It has Yonge’s translation of Philo’s works available as a free option, but the Greek texts of Philo are (not yet) included among their resources.

Logos Bible Software© (, was made for Windows PC’s, but they now also have a Mac version. Those who buy a package, will also have the works included available on Ipad©* and Iphone©*, and via a webversion. In addition, in 2011 Logos also started Vyrso©*, a reader accessory for Ipad, Ipod touch and Iphone for Logos Bible Software desktop application users. Logos is probably the program having the widest range of literature available in their packages.

Philo’s Greek texts and Yonge’s translation are included in some packages, and can also be bought separately. In addition Logos has accessible several other works dealing with Philo: see here.

Author: TorreyS


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