Scholars writing on Philo

Inncluded in the setup of my Resosurce Pages for Biblical Studies I have tried to make a list of current scholars who are working on Philo and have some publications out dealing with Philo, his works and ideas.

Go here to see the present list of scholars.

I am, however, aware of the fact that I have not been able to include all of those that deserve to be included, and I thus ask for your help: have a look at my present list, and see if there are someone you know that are missing (whether that be yourself or someone else….).

Please send me a note (torreys ((at)), informing me about the name, and preferable, the webpage of the person(s) you find missing.

Thanks for your help.

Jan 6: List of scholars updated, but still have room for more names.

Author: TorreyS


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