Bekken on the value of Philo

“Philo of Alexandria is a representative of Diaspora Judaism and of Judaism as such in the late second Temple period. His writings have also been used to illuminate the background and the wider context of the New Testament and the early church. It is easy to forget that substantial parts of the New Testament are dependent on their relationship to the Jewish Diaspora. Either the New Testament was written by Jews in the the Jewish Diaspora or to members and communities living in a Jewish Diaspora context. In light of this fact, Philo’s writings are not only a major representative of such a Hellenistic Judaism, but also, perhaps, the most important body of material to inform about the world of Diasora Judaism that formed the background for the New Testament writings.”

Want to read more about this? Go see

P. J. Bekken, ‘Philo’s Relevance for the Study of the New Testament,’
in T. Seland, Reading Philo. A Handbook to Philo of Alexandria
(Grand Rapids, Eerdmans, 2014): 226-267, here p. 226.

Author: TorreyS


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