All the SBL Philo Seminar Papers

are now posted on my website and are thus now accessible and downloadable here. As stated by several, the present versions of these papers are preliminary versions; you are allowed to download or read online, but they are not to be quoted publicly in any ways without the permission of the author concerned.

If you are to participate in the SBL Philo seminar in San Diego, you can now have all the papers accessible on your laptop or tablet in the seminar. As mentioned earlier,  the papers are not to be read in the sessions, just summarized and then discussed.

For those of you  not participating, you will nevertheless be able to read and study what the sessions in the 2014 Philo Seminar will discuss.

For further information on Philo of Alexandria, see the resources listed in the right column on my Resource page.  Those wanting further information are encouraged to have a look at the most recently  published introduction to Philo: Reading Philo.

Author: TorreyS


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