SBL/AAR Annual Meeting App

The SBL/AAR Annual Meeting App for iphone/Ipads is now available on Apple’s AppStore (for free).

It has not been announced on the SBL or AAR website yet, and I am not sure if it is quite finished yet. Mine froze at least once when being tested, and I could not find out how to associate events with the calendar.

As long as that doesn’t work, the app is rather useless, IMHO.




The Studia Philonica Annual XXVI 2014

The Studia Philonica Annual, Studies in Hellenistic Judaism, Vol XXVI (2014) is about to be published! As usual the editors are David T. Runia and Gregory E. Sterling, now with Sarah J.K. Pearce as Associate editor, and Ronald Fox being the Book Review editor.

The contents of this volume can be given thus:

M. David Litwa, The Deification of Moses in Philo of Alexandria
Ilaria Ramelli, Philo’s Doctrine of Apokatastasis: Philosophical Sources, Exegetical Strategies, and Patristic Aftermath
Justin M. Rogers, The Philonic and the Pauline: Hagar and Sarah in the Exegesis of  Didymus the Blind 
Frederick E. Brenk, Philo and Plutarch on the Nature of God

Gregory E. Sterling, Introduction
David Lincicum, Philo’s Library
Gregory E. Sterling, From the Thick Marshes of the Nile to the Throne of God: Moses in Ezekiel the Tragedian and Philo of Alexandria
Pura Nieto Hernández, Philo and Greek Poetry
Michael Cover, The Sun and the Chariot: the Republic and the Phaedrus as Sources for Rival Platonic Paradigms of Psychic Vision in Philo’s Biblical Commentaries

D. T. Runia, K. Berthelot, E. Birnbaum, A. C. Geljon, H. M. Keizer, J. Leonhardt-Balzer, J. P. Martín, M. R. Niehoff, S. J. K. Pearce, T. Seland, S. Weisser,

Philo of Alexandria: An Annotated Bibliography 2011
Supplement: A Provisional Bibliography 2012–2014

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