Logos 6

Yesterday version 6 of Logos Bible Software was launched. After only two years with version 4,  they obviously found that it was due time to present an improved version; hnce version 6.

The bad thing about this version is that it requires at least Windows 7 as the operating system; hence I can only use it on one of my machines now. The good thing(s) might be the goodies they  have put into the program. I must admit, I had not yet gotten to know all the features of version 5; now I “have to” adapt to version 6. After some struggling to get in contact with the Logos server last night, I finally managed to get through, and I had the new version downloaded.

There are several ways of upgrading (see https://www.logos.com/ways-to-move-to-Logos-6), from just getting the new motor (you have to wait a little for that), to upgrading to some (very) large (and expensive) packets. For me, the crossgrade option (to just get the new features) was the most obvious option (but it costs ca 200 dols).

Logos have an academic section, in which the members can get a packet called Biblical languages, but I did not find any info about how to upgrade this; obviously because I am not a member of their academic program now.

Logos Bible Software is so filled with various features and possibilities that it takes a lot of playing around to get familiar with it.