Digitalizing Loeb editions (I)

Scholars who have dealt with the so-called classical Greek and/or Latin texts from Antiquity will know¬† The Loeb Classical Library; the small green volumes containing Greek texts and the read ones containing Latin texts are well-known and dear to most scholars in the fields concerned here. And those interested in Philo will most probably have used the Colson/Whitaker edition of Philo’s texts contained in 10 +2 small green volumes. It has been said that the volumes were made¬†small so they could fit into a scholar’s pocket; now you can soon have not only one but all the volumes in your pocket, because the The Loeb Classsical Library is getting to be digitalized!

The Harvard University Press now announces that The Loeb Classical Library digitalized will be presented and be available in late fall 2014! On the link provided on the line above this, you will find more information. They assert that with the digital version you will be able to:

  • Read every Loeb volume in print, including biannual additions
  • Toggle between single- and dual-language reading modes
  • Browse works and volumes of the library by author, language, period, form, genre, and subject
  • Search across the full Loeb corpus in English, Latin, and Greek
  • Bookmark, organize, and annotate content in personal digital workspaces
  • Share notes and reading lists with classmates, students, and colleagues

They do not tell you, alas, what the price will be, and if there will different packages containing various sets of volumes, or if you have to buy volume by volume.

Nevertheless, this is a major achievement, and surely something to be welcomed.