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The Stavanger International Conference

February 2014
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The Stavanger International Conference on Disability, Illness and Religion 7-9 May 2014 aims to promote discussions within the fields of theology and religious studies that focus on illness and disability.

Disability studies, Dignity studies and other interdisciplinary approaches are fairly new approaches in these fields. These perspectives have, however, become important avenues for new insights. Within the field of Biblical Studies, we have seen several edited volumes and monographs that engage with Disability Studies and apply this approach on the biblical texts. Within systematic theology we have seen constructive attempts at creating a disability theology. Within religious studies, we have seen engagements with issues such as the intersection of religion, disability, literature and art, and the intersection of environmental crisis and disability. Further investigations are nevertheless called for and should be encouraged.
The program for the conference is now set and we believe the conference will offer an exciting opportunity to address and discuss a wide range of issues from many perspectives. We are honored to have several keynote speakers who will address disability, illness and religion issues from various points of view. We have also received many abstracts within a wide variety of fields.
In order to register for the conference, click here.
To see the brochure for the  conference, click here.

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