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A Handbook to Philo

February 2014
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I have been working as an editor (and writer of 3 chapters) on a volume to be published as “Why Read Philo? And How? A Handbook to Philo of Alexandria.”  The manuscript was submitted ca a year ago, and now I finally saw it listed in the publisher’s web catalogue: you can see it here:  Eerdmans.

The volume is said to be published in August this year.

Several scholars have been engaged in writing some very interesting, relevant and valuable introductory chapters on Why and How study Philo: Per Jarle Bekken, Peder Borgen and me from Norway, Erkki Koskenniemi and Karl-Gustav Sandelin from Finland, Ellen Birnbaum, Adele Reinhartz and Gregory E. Sterling from the USA, and David T. Runia, now in Australia.

I will present the volume and its contents more fully in a later posting.

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