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Great conference on Philo

January 2014
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At Yale University this Spring there will be a great Conference on Philo. he conference is entitled:  “Philo’s Readers: Affinities, Reception, Transmission and Influence”, at   Maurice R. Greenberg Conference Center   March 30-April 1, 2014.

The further announcement of this event runs thus: “Our conference will center around the Jewish philosophical exegete,
Philo. A member of the Jewish elite in early Roman Alexandria, Philo  explored the meaning of Torah by uniting Second Temple interpretations  and traditions with a Greek philosophical orientation. Philo’s  interpretations, interpretive strategies, and philosophical explanations   provide us with a glimpse into ancient Judaism, particularly the world  of Alexandria in the first century CE. This conference will situate Philo in his geographical, philosophical, and ideological context,  looking for affinities and precursors in other ancient texts. But Philo  does not just offer a glimpse into the past. He also provided a  framework and a collection of hermeneutical tools that would prove  invaluable to future readers. This conference will thus examine Philo’s  reception and influence, particularly among Jewish and Christian  readers.”

The Conference has its own website here: and the program can be seen here:




  1. […] Transmission and Influence, held at Yale University on 30 March – 2 April 2014 (see here). Runia is the author of the renowned book, Philo in Early Christian Literature (CRINT III,3; Van […]

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