Another update

I have updated my Resource Pages for Biblical Studies with some interesting links:

Hieroi Logoi:
Digital Resources for Religion in Late Antiquity

Coptic Digital Resources:

Pretres civique:
Les pretres du culte imperial Romain dans les cites de la province d’Asie

Visualizing Statues:
During the fourth and fifth centuries CE, statues populating the open areas of the Roman Forum preserved memories of the individuals represented in portraits. This visualization project contextualizes the now-dispersed statues and their inscribed bases in the public space of the late antique Forum.

I hope you will find these links interesting too.
Then again: If you find some links on my Resource Pages that are wrong in some ways or outdated,- please notify me via the mail link at the bottom of the Resource Pages.
And second; if you have a link to these pages of mine on Your own blog or webpages, be sure to present the correct link; I occasionally still see some who provide the old link to hivolda, and not this corrected one:


Author: TorreyS


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