Professor dr. Hans Kvalbein April 7. 1942 – Dec. 19. 2013

Hans Kvalbein
Hans Kvalbein
Professor emeritus, dr. theol Hans Kvalbein died December 19. He had for some time suffered from weak lunges, and died from a hard pneumonia. Prof Kvalbein worked almost all his adult life at MF The Norwegian School of Theology, Oslo Norway. He graduated from MF in 1966, was for several years a research fellow at the very same school; became ass.professor in 1976 and worked as a full professor from 1984 untill his recent retirement.
He earned his PhD (dr.theol) at the University of Oslo in 1881 with a thorough investigation of the topic Jesus and the Poor: The view of Jesus concerning the Poor, and use of terms for ‘poor’ (Jesus og de fattige.Jesu syn på de fattige og bruk av ord for “fattig”). It is highly regrettable that his dissertation never was translated into English because it deserved a much wider range of readers than those mastering Norwegian. He also published several more popular books on the gospels like Hovedtanker i Johannesevangeliet (1970) and Godt nytt for fattige. Tekster fra Lukasevangeliet (1976), and a larger commentary (in Norwegian) on The Gospel of Matthew (1989-90). His main work then, and most recent larger work, was his book about Jesus; also, alas, only published in Norwegian (Jesus: Hva ville han? Hvem var han? en innføring i de tre første evangelienes budskap (2008). Most of his publications were within the field of the Synoptic Gospels; another topic he published about was the Kingdom of God/basileia tou theou). Some of these were published in English or German. You can see a list of his publications here.
Prof. Kvalbein was a kind, gentle and caring person, an expert in his field of the New Testament as well as an excellent musician (violin). He will be missed by many both as a gentle scholar and as a good friend.

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