Festschrift for Andreas Lindemann

LindemannMohr Siebeck is Publishing another great Festskrift, this time in honor of Andreas Lindemann, at his 70th birthday:

Paulus – Werk und Wirkung. Festschrift für Andreas Lindemann zum 70. Geburtstag. Hrsg. v. Paul-Gerhard Klumbies u. David S. du Toit, unter Mitwirk. v. Torsten Jantsch u. Nils Neumann
2013. XII, 823 pages.  — forthcoming in October 2013

The volume, published in German, contains 32 articles written by internationally renowned scholars on the work and the impact of Paul. The list  of contents can be viewed here.

One article is dealing also with Philo, and as articles published in festschriften are often not that easy to find, I give the  full info here:

Judith M. Gundry: 1 Cor 7:5b in the Light of a Hellenistic-Jewish Tradition on Abstinence to “Devote Leisure”. Sufficiency in Paul and Philo

I have not seen the volume yet, but I would be surprised if not also the following study would in some way also touch upon the Works of Philo: Friedrich Wilhelm Horn: Paulus und die Kardinaltugenden
The volume comprises 840 pages, and the price is just as massive: € 164 //ca 225 USD.