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Establishment Violence in Philo and Luke

I note with pleasure that my dissertation, published in 1995, is still being referred to from time to time; this time I stumbled over a blog post by Larry Hurtado, posted in 2012: Cloaks and Violence: A New Proposal on Acts 7:58.

Accordance for Windows

The famous Bible software for Mac, Accordance, is now available for use on Windows PC too; look for further info here:

New SBL font

TheSociety of Biblical Literature is pleased to announce the newest font in the SBLfonts series,
SBL BibLit. This font contains Latin, Greek, and Hebrew characters,including the characters suitable for the transliteration of Ancient Near Eastern andMediterranean languages. When combined with appropriate software keyboards, SBLBibLit allows for the use of one font for all biblical languages. This release is of a reg
ular weight only; italic and bold weights will not be released at this time. Read more here.