Visiting Edinburgh

We were spending a weekend recently in Edinburgh, Scotland, for some days of relaxation. On Friday we included a visit to Divinity School, attending a session in their Biblical Seminar. Prof Francis Watson (Durham) , was visiting the seminar too, presenting a lecture on “New Discoveries, Missed Opportunities: Reflexions on Modern Gospel Scholarship.” Maybe my expectations were wrong or too high, but I was a little bit disappointed as the “New Discoveries” were the discoveries of The Gospel of Peter and The Gospel of Thomas, and the reactions of Rendel Harris and W. Sanday in the latter half of the nineteenth century….. The brief discussions after the lecture was, however, dealing more with present day issues.

The session was directed by the guy who has written the most interesting recent study on Christ language/Messianism in Paul; Matthew V Novenson. Larry Hurtado was there too, but I did not get close enough to him; however, I was able to shake hands with Paul Foster. I had been reading an interesting article by him on the plane from Stavanger ( highly recommended article; P. Foster, Memory, Orality, and the Fourth Gospel: Three Dead-Ends in Historical Jesus Research, JSHJ 10(2012):191-227). In this article he presents important criticism of the use of research on memory, orality issues in antiquity, and the Gospel of John in recent research on the historical Jesus.

The rest of the weekend we spent sight-seeing and shopping in Edinburgh, including an interesting bus tour to Newhaven.

Author: TorreyS


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