New book on 1 Peter coming

A new volume on 1 Peter is coming in October this year, published by de Gruyter. In honor of the 100th anniversary of Goppelt’s birth, a collection of essays was compiled by renowned scriptural scholars working in key areas of modern research on the First Epistle. They focus on the First Epistle’s historical and communicative setting, the author’s use of metaphor and rhetoric, and situate the First Epistle in the context of the theological history of early Christianity:

David du Toit ed., Bedrängnis und Identität. Studien zu Situation, Kommunikation und Theologie des 1. Petrusbriefes (Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für die neutestamentliche Wissenschaft 200; de Gruyter, 2013).

I have a piece on 1 Peter and its readers, in which I in particular discuss what we in fact can know about them, and Witherington’s view of the readers as Jewish readers.

Author: TorreyS


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