N.T. Wright on NotaBene

Having been an enthusiastic user of NotaBene since spring 1985, when the editor of the Norwegian journal Humanistiske Data offered me a copy if I would write a review of the program – which he th0ught was something new on the marked – I still consider it as not only one of the best, but probably the best word processor suite for scholarly writing.

Now it is a pleasure to see that also N.T. Wright is joining in praising the program: “When I take on new graduate students, I always ask them what software they’re using. I tell them what they need in their software (not least, in Biblical Studies, the ancient languages – but also the reference tools, the bibliography, and so much more), and how Nota Bene provides exactly that. It will do everything you can think of and want, and plenty more besides.” You can read the rest of his story of -and with- NotaBene here.

Some may say I must be well paid by NotaBene to present such a praise; but I am not,- not a single Norwegian øre! 🙂 Just pure enthusiasm.