Mideast Bible Blog

A new interesting blog has recently been established by Dr. Willem J. de Wit
Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo, called Mideast Bible.
Mideast Bible is a website dedicated to reading and studying the Bible and theology through Middle Eastern eyes. The site is best understood as a bridge with two-way traffic:
on the one hand it informs interested people all over the world about Middle Eastern perspectives on the Bible and theology;
on the other hand it draws attention to global developments in Biblical Studies and theology (and sometimes higher education more in general) that may be of interest to Middle Eastern students, pastors, and theologians.

Go to http://mideastbible.com/
So far prof de Wit has mostly posted references to other webpages etc, but hopefully we may also see more substantive articles and other goodies.

Author: TorreyS

See http://www.torreys.org/bible

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