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The Studia Philonica Annual 2012 is available

October 2012
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The Studia Philonica Annual 2012, published by Society of Biblical Literature, Atlanta GA, USA is already available. The volume is as usual presenting some articles, then there is a special section providing studies presented in a preliminary form at a seminar at SBL Annual Meeting (this time in Atlanta 2010), a Bibliography section, and a Book Review Section.

The main content in this volume is thus:
James R. Royse, Philo of Alexandria, Questiones in Exodum 2.62-68: Critical Edition (pp. 1-68)
Rene Bloch, Alexandria in Pharaonic Egypt: Projections in De Vita Mosis (pp. 69-84)
Trent A. Rogers, Philo’s Universalization of Sinai in De Decalogo 32-49 (pp. 85-106)
Peter W. Martens, On the Confusion of Tongues and Origen’s Allegory of the Dispersion of Nations (pp. 107-127)
Special section: Philo and Roman Imperial Power
Sarah J. K. Pearce, Introduction (pp.129-133)
Erich S. Gruen, Caligula, the Imperial cuilt, and Philo’s Legatio (pp. 135-148)
Daniel R. Schwartz, Philo and Josephus on the Violence in Alexandria in 38 CE (pp. 149-166)
Joshua Yoder, Sympathy for the Devil? Philo on Flaccus and Rome (pp. 167-182).

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