New commentary on Philo

Brill Publishers, Leiden, announces that they are now in the process of publishing the fourth commentary in the series Philo of Alexandria Commentary Series, this time on Philo’s De Agricultura:

Philo of Alexandria: On Cultivation.
Introduction, Translation and Commentary,
By Albert C. Geljon and David T. Runia.
Brill, Leiden, €112.00.

“The present volume contains the first translation and commentary in English on his treatise De agricultura (On cultivation), which gives an elaborate allegorical interpretation of Genesis 9:20. Noah’s role as a cultivator is analysed in terms of the ethical and spiritual quest of the soul making progress towards its goal.”

Planned publication date is Nov 2012; hopefully it will be out to the SBL Annual Meeting in Chicago by mid-november, so I can get hold of a copy.