Moses as ‘God’ in Philo

Eerdmans is publishing a Festschrift for Max Turner this summer:
The Spirit and Christ in the New Testament and Christian Theology. Essays in Honor of Max Turner.
Edited by I. Howard Marshall, Volker Rabens and Cornelis Bennema.
Eerdmans, Grand Rapids, Mi., ISBN: 978-0-8028-6753-7. 387 Pages.
In the Editors preface they write, inter alia, “This is a Festschrift to celebrate Max Turner’s sixty-fifth birthday. . . . We felt that such a volume should be united by more than a common desire to honor Max. Two principal areas in which Max has worked focus on the work of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in the New Testament, with the implications of this for the life of the church today. A volume that picks up these themes and uses Max’s work as the launching pad for further investigation of these topics would be of considerable value to students and scholars alike. We thus aimed to strike out in fresh directions rather than repeat what previous studies have done. As a result, this Festschrift contains contributions from Max’s colleagues at LST and the wider academy, as well as his former students (many of whom now belong to the latter category). It focuses on the areas of the Spirit and Christ, both in the New Testament and in aspects of Christian theology, with topics that are relevant for the church worldwide today.”

The main reason for mentioning it here in this blog, however, is the fact that it contains an article dealing specifically with Philo: Richard Bauckham, Moses as “God” in Philo of Alexandria: A Precedent for Christology?