Philo as a Polemist and a Political Apologist

Checking the webpage of the Danish scholar Per Bilde, I discovered that he has posted a copy of an article on Philo on as a Polemist and a Political Apologist, on his webpage.

The article concerned was first published in Danish as: Per Bilde, “Filon som polemiker og politisk apologet. En undersøgelse af de to historiske skrifter Mod Flaccus (In Flaccum) og Om delegationen til Gaius (De legationer ad Gaium), in: Anders Klostergaard Petersen, Jesper Hyldahl og Kåre Sigvalg Fuglseth (red.): Perspektiver på jødisk apologetik, København 2007, 155-179.

This was then translated into English and published as: P. Bilde, ‘Philo as a Polemist and a Political Apologist: an Investigation of his Two Historical Treatises Against Flaccus and The Embassy to Gaius,’ in G. Hinge and J. Krasilnikoff (edd.), Alexandria: a Cultural and Religious Melting Pot (Aarhus 2009) 97–114. It is this English version that is posted on his webpage.

You can read this article here:

Another study, not unrelated to Philo, and closely related to another of his published studies, is also available on one of his webpages:Die Caligula-Krise im jüdischen Palästina im Jahre 40-41 n. Chr.

This is closely related to his published study “Der Konflikt zwischen Gaius Caligula und den Juden über die Aufstellung einer Kaiserstatue im Tempel von Jerusalem”, i: Anne Lykke und Friedrich T. Schipper:  Kult und Macht. Religion und Herrschaft im syro-palæstinischen Raum. Studien zu ihrer Wechselbeziehung in hellenistisch-römischer Zeit. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck 2011, 9-48.


Author: TorreyS


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