New blog on Hebrews and Philo

Last year Scott D. Mackie launched a blog on Hebrews and Philo, or as he states it: A blog focused on ancient Jewish and early Christian mysticism, particularly the Epistle to the Hebrews and Philo of Alexandria.
So far there are only 3 posts, all about articles he has published. It is to be hoped that he might find time to post more on Hebrews and Philo.
His last post contains a link to a .pdf version of the article he had published in Studia Philonica in 2009:
“Seeing God in Philo of Alexandria: The Logos, the Powers, or the Existent One?”
The Studia Philonica Annual 21 (2009): 25–47

New book by Maren Niehoff

A new book, edited by Maren Niehoff is leaving the press these days:
M. Niehoff, ed.,
Homer and the Bible in the Eyes of Ancient Interpreters
Jerusalem Studies in Religion and Culture Vol. 16
Brill, 2012.

“Thus far interpretations of Homer and the Bible have largely been studied in isolation even though both texts became foundational for Western civilisation and were often commented upon in the same cultural context. The present collection of articles redresses this imbalance by bringing together scholars from different fields and offering prioneering essays, which cross traditional boundaries and interpret Biblical and Homeric interpreters in light of each other. The picture which emerges from these studies in highly complex: Greek, Jewish and Christian readers were concerned with similar literary and religious questions, often defining their own position in dialogue with others. Special attention is given to three central corpora: the Alexandrian scholia, Philo, Platonic writers of the Imperial Age, rabbinic exegesis. (quoted from the publishers announcement).

Last year M. Niehoff had another interesting book on Homer out; have look at this one too:
M. Niehoff,
Jewish Exegesis and Homeric Scholarship in Alexandria
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2011.