NotaBene 10 is coming

The comprehensive program for academic writing, NotaBene, has for some time suffered from the fact that is was made for 32 bits computers, and ‘suddenly’ the world turned into 64bits, making the NotaBene impossible to run on new computers.
The company has been working on the problem for some time, and now they launce a Beta version of their NotaBene 10.
I have used this version and it works just fine as far as it goes. That latter statement is to indicate that the program is not yet finished; some parts of it, like Orbis textbase is not yet implemented. But the main wordprocessor, and its bibliographic module, Ibidem is running fine on my computers.
I highly recommend to consider the program; if looking for a program that really supports you in your academic writing, have a look at the 32 bits version Notabene 9. The smoothness of the ways its bibliographic component Ibidem is integrated is just wonderful. M Word and e.g., Endnotes are just not comparable!
And if you want to get your hands on the new version , built to run on 64 bits PC (and possible also Macs (with the Intel processor) under WINE, without requiring an installation of Windows.), go here and have a look at it.

Am I paid for this ‘advertisement’?
Not at all, I have just been a fan of the program in all its stages of development since 1985!

Author: TorreyS


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