SBL Annual Meeting and Technology 1

SBL/ AAR has launched an app this year for Iphone/Ipad and Androids that is very helpful. in this app you can file the whole program, list of all the participants, and you can make up your own timeschedule by selecting specific sessions in the program, and thus make an agenda for your own stay.

SBL says:”

View the Program on your Mobile Device! The Annual Meeting app is available now in the App Store and Android Market—simply search for AM11AAR&SBL. We have posted answers to numerous questions as well as an introductory guide to the app on the Annual Meeting page,. You can also download Program Book PDFs to reference from your device. It is broken into three sections to facilitate download: Sessions and IndicesExhibit Hall and Hotel maps; and Ads and Advertisers Index (large file).”

There are, however, a couple of features that I miss:

1) I miss the oppurtunity to add personal appointments in the calendar.

2) I cannot search for other sessions in the same timespan once one is selected and aded to the calendar.

3) I would have liked to be able to syncronize the calendar on the Iphone with the one on my Ipad.

But SBL/AAr are to be thanked for a helpful app. Please improve on it to the nxt Annual Meeting.